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This post originally appeared at AskMen. A person with a round face is considered to have a more emotional personality and may be sensitive and caring.

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Apparently, you guys have very strong sexual fantasies and enjoy being in stable, long-term relationships. Oblong types are considered to be very practical, methodical and with a tendency to overwork. You are most likely to have a muscular or athletic physique, which some equate to narcissism and may lead to problems in relationships. A square face is linked to fire and you may appear as aggressive, ambitious or domineering.

These face shapes are traditionally associated with a thin body and an intellectual persuasion. Chinese face readers associate this face with creativity and sensitivity, as well as a fiery temperament. A wide forehead is supposedly a sign of cleverness and practicality, as well as being idealistic and someone who has many ideas.

A flat forehead indicates someone who is pragmatic, logical and expresses themselves through facts. An "exaggerated" forehead , references a dreamer, someone who needs a firm plan of action to go alongside their ambitions. The shape of the eye is very revealing. There is a lot of detail here, but we will just cover some of the basics. Prominent eyes that glitter brightly are preferable to small, shifty eyes that display a nervous temperament.

Unevenly set eyes suggest a person who looks at things from different perspectives, and often have startling insights into problems thanks to their ingenuity. Eyes that slant upward denote somebody who is an opportunist and a person who knows how to get what they want.

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Many supermodels have this look--as do cats. Deep-set eyes belong to people with an intense, possessive but observant nature, and are often associated with writers and creative types. How widely set your eyes are may also be revealing. Narrow set eyes suggest a narrow view of the world, while wide set eyes are more tolerant and broadminded. They may also have scant regard for authority figures. While this is something that cannot be expressed in words, it is something we can instinctively detect when we look at someone. The eyes are the window to the soul, and being able to detect whether they are cold, cruel, warm, or amorous is something we all get a feeling for just by looking at someone.

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Face Shape: Round

What Are the Meanings of Lines on Forehead? Vertical Lines on Forehead Single Vertical Crease If you are a person with a single crease vertically placed between your eyebrows, you are thought to be both persistent and stubborn. Two Vertical Creases If you have two vertical lines on forehead meaning they run between your eyebrows, you are a kind, empathetic, caring and sympathetic person. However, if you have angled lines, you tend to have a quick temper and can overreact. Horizontal Lines on Forehead There are seven horizontal lines on forehead meaning there are seven different representations.

If you have the Saturn line , it means you may be interested in foreign languages, mining or agriculture.

Predicting Age With The Help Of Forehead Line

It also means you are reserved in nature. The next line down is the Jupiter line , which indicates a person who enjoys food to the point of overeating and money to the point of wealth.

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If you have this line, you have a love for knowledge and strong beliefs in religion. The Mars line is the next one down and indicates you have a bad temper, are selfish and aggressive towards others. However, you also have a lot of stamina and courage. A person with this line usually holds a good place in society and may even work for the government. The Venus line , which is the third one up from your eyebrows, means you are artistic in terms of musical instruments and singing. You love the pleasure of fine art and entertainment.

The next line is the Mercury line.

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If you have this line, chances are that you are a good communicator. You may even have a career in sales, business or journalism. The line directly above your forehead is the Moon line. A person with this line has a love for poetry, music, good food and fine wines. You have a good intuition about things and are trusted. Horizontal Forehead Lines and Health If you have horizontal lines on forehead meaning they run across it, sometimes they can tell you something about your health.

Meaning of Other Facial Lines The location and shape of facial lines can indicate several things about your health and wellbeing. Right Eyebrow Line If you have a vertical line running between your eyebrows and it slants to the right, it can be an indication of a liver problem.

Left Eyebrow Line If your left eyebrow line is more prominent, this indicates possible trouble or weakness in your spleen. Crow's Feet While often associated with age and smile lines, crow's feet are also linked to eyesight and other internal organs. Mouth Lines Mouth lines are the vertical lines that run on the side of your mouth. Laugh Lines A person with laugh lines who actually laughs a lot should embrace them as it reflects how happy they are. Upper Lip Lines Vertical upper lip lines are often associated with smokers.

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Lower Lip Line Also considered a crease in your chin, a lower lip line is closer to the bottom of your lip. Natural Ways to Soothe Lines In terms of lines on forehead meanings are quite different.