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Remember, Taurus, as long as it's between two consenting adults, your desires are perfectly acceptable. On Thursday, October 3 , messenger planet Mercury enters the detective of the zodiac, Scorpio. You're fairly easy-going, even when you're filled to the brink with emotions.

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Scorpio, however? Not so much. Expect love interests to suddenly snoop and look for a deeper meaning in everything you say, even if it's not there.

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However, conflicts likely won't turn into full-blown fights, as warrior planet Mars also enters Libra, which is a sign all about balance and relationships. This is a tricky time to engage in a battle of any kind, but Libra will help keep the peace. October is an intense month for relationships. On Tuesday, October 8 , your ruling planet Venus enters jealous Scorpio. Venus is all about love and relationships, and while Scorpio cranks up the heat in your sex life, the sign's intensity can lead to possessiveness.


Avoid obsessive thoughts by caring for your relationship using all your Venusian Taurus qualities. Set up a fruit and cheese plate, grab the wine, and invite your lover over for Netflix and chill.

Just make sure to think before you speak. If you've been waiting to ask someone out or get something off your chest utilize the brave energy of the Aries full moon on Sunday, October This isn't a Sunday for worrying about the work week, but if professional matters are on your mind, curate a plan of action. Aries isn't afraid to ask for what it wants, and you shouldn't be, either. Spooky Scorpio season officially begins on Wednesday, October During the next few weeks, expect to dig deeper than usual, especially in romantic affairs.

You'll learn secrets about your love interests and find yourself sharing some as well.

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Hard work will pay off, but complaining will not. Work in conjunction with others instead of getting into a dispute with someone you have to deal with daily. Pick your friends and associates based on position and encouragement offered. Networking will lead to exciting connections, suggestions and input. Personal improvements and romance are heading your way. Someone will try to take advantage of you if you are too accommodating. Take better care of your physical well-being.

Lower your stress levels quickly. Say no when necessary. Detail and precision will ensure that you do things right the first time. A romantic gesture will lead to an exciting evening. LEO July Aug. Do your best to get along with everyone. Make sure to leave time to relax. Educational pursuits and partnerships are favored, and networking will help you promote your ideas and plans. Stick to the people who share your interests and are fun to be with. A break will help you rejuvenate and give you a chance to rethink your next move.

The information you receive will help you make an adjustment that will improve your life. Refuse to let emotional situations consume you. Deal with unsavory situations abruptly. A romantic gesture will boost your ego. Consider your options and the results you want to achieve. Trust your vision, not what someone pressures you to do.

A contract will make sense if you consider the people involved in the agreement.

Bide your time, and you will discover you have more options than you realize.