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You can track the performance of Cosmic Mantra of every day across different countries, categories and devices. Learn More. Last Week This Week. No rank data for last week.

सुप्रीम कोर्ट के आदेश पर राजस्थान में तेज हुई मजिठिया जांच

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App Annie tracks all the different Feature placements for any app, day, country, category and device. Suman Bose I hate you for your lazy demeanour and love you for everything else. Yaar dada bar chalo, yaar pizza khana hai, yaar vada pav khana hai. But on a serious note,I like your helping nature and your genuine concern towards your friends. Faraz Ahmad. Aditya Patankar Floor mates Class mates Certainly one of my first mates. You have been so good to me like my elder brother.

You have got food for me :P most of the times when I am hungry When I fell sick, you took me to hospital. I will be thankful to GIM for introducing me to one of the most genuine yet sarcastic souls : You rock Sir Pritish Nanda Badaa bhai hai tu mera, care free bindass and genuine banda, bahut kuch sikhaaya hai tune, thanx for all the encouragement and belief that u instilled in me, its grt to b in ur company, kabhi kabhi violent streak jaag jaati hai iski lekin baaki time ekdum calm and composed..

U know how to handle ppl, thats a rare skill All the best for ur future, bahut aage padhega pata hai, will surely stay in touch. Neel Girish Chitalia Patankar! I hope you will take my advice and do your laundry more regularly: I have taken a lot good movies from you,so thank you for them.

Seriously though,have a good life and keep in touch. Good luck!

Vastu - पूरे घर का वास्तु दोष दूर कर देगी यह एक वीडियो - vastu solution

Ruchira Pradip Porob Adi One of the best person I have ever met.. Fun, fearless, confident Loves speed Does not hesitate to say things on the face of the other person, friend or foe Not at all diplomatic Your cool and bindaas attitude comes across as a fresh air Lucky enough to have a friend like you Bro always keep smiling Your smile is infectious Hope you have all the success in life..

Stay blessed Shubham Agarwal I hated you most when you ordered so much non veg and beer on CSR visits Thursdays and all i could order was veg biryani and fruit juice. But you made the visits fun , though we landed up in C category :P Very carefree and never talks in normal words, only sarcasms. A- team group or CSR , i could never understand when you are being sarcastic and when not. Aur party toh tu hi dega A-team vali : Wish you success in life..

ADB for cogni Aditi Asthana Patankar.. A very silent neighbor, loves listening to music over headphones. A die hard non veg, could kill for chicken and Kf strong. You are the one who introduced me to series like GoT and BB. Wish you good luck and all the success in life. Utkarsh Sthapak Patankar : This guy just loves food. Never said no to me for food, beer or beaches. Dont ever lose your carefree and bindaas attitude. Agli baar daaru peeke maarna mat pls.

Keep rocking. Cheers Nishant Arun Shende I can Bet tune peene k baad mujhe shende se zyada maara hai Me: Uth gya, Patankar: No, fir hassna, Varun Mittal Making u watch Homeland is 1 of my personal achievements over d last 2 yrs in GIM :P we bonded naturally with both being ardent series fan.

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U hating Neal Cafrie still pains me. I m sure i may end up in pune some day, so do keep in touch:P All d best for ur future Praveen Raikar.

Goa Institute of Management - Batch of Yearbook by Aniruddha Khosla - Issuu

Its been fun making you study subjects that i graduated in and see you understand them better and even score better marks! Keep that tickle monster in check!! You have truly taught me a lot of things.. All the best in life! Manisha Murali Nair Ajinkya!!! Total bakar and globaal hai tu meccan! See you on the other side.. Neetika Kataria One of the richest guys in campus, when it comes to gadgets and swag, he is a serious competitor to me! Stay the same bro, and make lots of more money All the very best for your future, god bless Miss the times we have spent with Mecca, those chats assignments, time spent over midnight snacks and not to forget our fights, n more fights n even more fights..

I m surely going to miss you!!! Sakshi Khandelwal Ajinkya! You have been one of the sweetest boys in class, always smiling and being nice to me. I will always remember your boondi ladoo dhoka, and your efforts to make up for it. Keep being the amazing person that you are, and i would surely like to be in touch with you! Remember our long phonecall sessions where we discussed everything about GIM?

And then our Mayem. You have such an amazing sense of humour that you can bring smiles around in the grimmest of situations. I remember you telling me that Mecca is the only club you want to get into and you made it there and how! Such a strong determination man. Mumbai me milte rehna dost.

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Sulagna Somnath Bagchi A hard working,dedicated guy,always ready with a smile.. Right from the group activity to small time pass talks that we shared it all added to my experience here at GIM.. Also something about a certain summer internship Apple.. As i said, the smile should never come off.. Keep in touch buddy Sarat Sekhar Dombivali cha Hero! One of my first friends in GIM.. Wish you all the best for the future!

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Amrita Sudarshan Parab Mr. A hardworking and dedicated guy with a smile on his face always A great presenter Ek chiz samaj nahi aaya sale har presentation mein Tata Motors ya Samsung TW mein mahaul jamaya jayega All the best buddy Sudeep Mahto. Also the molestation which You and baba did to our humble sriram was funny at times :p have a good life ahead!

Clearly, one of the most hard working and rational person of our batch. He has a logical approach to complete every task given and his commitment towards work is immense. Be it winning competitions or delivering the best presentations, Ajit has done it all. I know you will excel a lot on the career front. Stay connected! Words would be less to describe my best friend on campus Ajit.


From Second trimester to final trimester there is hardly any time when we were not working together. Even during internship, we got same location. I would always remember our stay at PG, when he would crib about spicy food but would never compromise on eating. Once he even trapped me with the land lord. Fourth trimester got vanished from our life all credit to the competitions he initiated.

He is a true friend who would criticize my idea at first, but would later support me Two entries BITS. When it came down to placements, I would never forget his selfless attitude.