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Into the psyche, the Planets involved are perceived like 2 irreconcilable elements, that often exclude and reject each other. Obviously, that is not an objective fact but just a projection of the psyche who has 2 parts in Square. But, working with determination and awareness, it is possible to find a way to give vent to the unexpressed energy, and very often the key is letting act one of the poles first and the other one after, to create a balance.

To better understand the Square, imagine 2 persons parts of your psyche who have 2 different kind of strength, but the same intensity.

One of them pull a box field of action from his side, and the other one do the same on the opposite side. The Conjunction is an interaction based on union. Because of that, the Conjunction is a neutral interaction, it can create harmonic bond or disharmonious bond on your inner world and then positive or negative effects on your life, everything depends on the Planets involved.

In another case, Jupiter and Saturn in Conjunction could having a disharmonious union, because they have no affinities Hot and Wet with Cold and Dry , but the action of Jupiter could restrain the action of Saturn, especially, if Jupiter has some Dignity, and that could bring some positive effects into your personality on the global scale.

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If Mercury and Venus are in Conjunction in Gemini, Mercury is the dominant Planet of this union, because it is in Domicile in Gemini, it has full powers, while Venus is Peregrine, so Mercury could inhibiting many traits of Venus; example: the great intellect, the logic mind Mercury could inhibit the sensuality or the spontaneity of the feelings Venus.

Furthermore, it is possible having more than 2 Planets involved in a Conjunction, and that means it has more depth, more influence, and defines a strong trait of your personality, especially if Luminaries Sun and Moon are involved. Seems complicated, but after few times, and using all the other knowledges in my free guide , you will start to see the big picture inside a Conjunction, if you have one of it.

As for the Planets, there are no good Aspects or bad Aspects, and that is true especially for the Trines, the Sextiles, the Oppositions and the Squares.

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That is not completely exact, because I showed you that Trine and Sextile create motion on your life, energy can flowing easily, while Opposition and Square create immobility, energy cannot flowing, it is blocked. Harmonic Aspects precisely.

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On the other side, the Opposition and the Square are hard interactions, they can create issues and blocks. It seems not good, but you have to consider that they also stimulate you to do something to overcome those blocks and solving issues, they push you to act. The secret to truly understand the nature of the Aspects is to consider the Harmonic Aspects as tools and the Dynamic Aspects as challenges.

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So, always remember, because this is really, really important: Challenges can be won and tools can be used. Knowing the astrological laws will guide you to understand which are your personal challenges, and then, where to start your inner work to face up them, how to face up them, and where to focus your energies. Two planets are said to be in aversion when they are in signs that are not configured to each other by any of the five Ptolemaic aspects conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition. For example, if Mercury is in Cancer and Mars is in Aquarius, then the two planets would be in aversion to each other, since there is no major sign-based aspect between the signs that each planet is in.

The concept of aversion is partially based on the notion that there is a lack of affinity between the signs that the two planets are placed in. Johannes Kepler, E. Aiton, Alistair Matheson Duncan, IUL Ruy A.

Trines and sextiles

Teixeira, Karl Anderson, Charles E. Carter, LA Snyder.

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The sextile is an aspect between two or more planets separated by approximately 60 degrees. It indicates that the energies of the planets involved will be able to The playlist: new bands — CL, Shades, Sextile and more. When it comes to delivering post-punk, the expectation is for it to be menacing, jarring and bleak.

LA's Sextile , provide this and more.

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It starts off on the eighth with an opportunistic sextile between The Sun in Gemini and Jupiter in Leo, opening the airways for positive communication to take Her Mars is sextile his Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, which gives the relationship some spark. If Vili was born much earlier than Noon on the Pacific Coast, his The Sun makes an exact sextile to Saturn.

Sun is the ruling family and Saturn is the established law.

It confirms the good relationships there.