Aries aries cusp man and aries woman compatibility

We argue and it is over almost instantly. I am a Strong Aries woman. My mother is a Gemini for friendship Gemini is great for a relationship! I was always the rider leading the horse. Aries are very intelligent and need someone, with that match. Looks mean nothing to the intellect of an Aries women. I like a man that is Masuline and if my behavior is of poor taste to speak up. With Gemini, they just can not overpower an Aries! They lack the mystery and fire-drive of the Arian. I married Aquarius?

Someone whom I deemed had more self control than I and With a mystery and a depth that always keeps the Aries, guessing? All friends family and acquaintances, admire our love and admiration for each other and want it for themselves. For Gemini men you are either dominant and if you are we live it, if intelligent we love that to. I dated a dominant Gemini who was the love of my life.

Cusp of Aries and Taurus

He also crushed me. Then a non dominant, idiot who I could not respect for lack of self control. He was no match!

Pisces Aries Cusp Woman

However The Aquarius dominant and intelligent with a calm reserve has my interest peaked for 24 years! We are inseparable. In my adult years I came across that Gemini who was dominant then in my life. Broken and non-dominant! Boy was I confused at this! No longer crushed, but sad that someone had crushed him.

Once he broke my heart. He searched for me everywhere, but I was long gone. I waited years, on him. Then he finds me at 40 and was in such bad shape, pining.

Aries Taurus Cusp Woman

After I told him I had forgiven him. But was Happily married. He wanted to compete! Which I would not allow! He married a girl with the same name as mine. He also could not accept his defeat. Though he said he knew for sure. I was way out of his league! That he had looks and charm but could never give me the life my Aquarius had!

What he did not know? Was I had given my Aquarius that life. Happily because without him, I would have never challenged myself to the max! After excepting one call for an apology. For what he did to me! He started crawling out of his depression and tried getting back into shape to compete. The next week he died from a pulmonary embolism! I was in shock! He was faithfully married and seemed to love his wife. But after finding me, he wanted to walk away from it all, for me!

But I would have none of that. I love my Aquarius and would never cheat! He promised if I just gave him 5 minute to apologize by phone, and that it was just friends. By the end of the call I realized one sentence, that disclosed the true nature of the call. To win me back! I truly felt bad for him. Because he had no chance!

I respect and love my husband so much. The life we built and the faithfulness to each other we shared!

Traits & Characteristics for Those on the Pisces/Aries Horoscope Cusp

My Gemini was a cheater a charming cheater. If he ever knew me at all he would have known.

Morals and faithful and true. This is what I held dear, this was what I found in my Aquarius! Desperate is not sexy! It never has been or will be! Unfaithfulness is a moral problem, one I have no desire for! Because I was attractive and smart? Love does not have a league!

I was broke! I got grants for college and lived alone! I was not a product of my dads money.

Aries and Capricorn Compatibility: The Hero and the Sage ⋆ Astromatcha

He taught me how to make it. How to look like a millionaire with nothing. How to keep your morals high and never settle for less than the best! Because of what he taught me, maybe I was out of there league.

I married a man that did not come with money. But together, we complimented each other.

With confidence and unshakable morals-respect and love! We are still inseparable and nothing can shake it, or take it! The size of my home and the value of my car! Means nothing, love built that! Love is not a league! It is patient and kind, it is enduring and true. It is knowing, you do not have to worry about what you better half is doing.

Because you know them, respect them and never have to question there loyalty. Aries geminis are too much alike that could be scary. Iam a Aries. Leader strong ,speak my mind, tell it how it is , I think Gemini similar. One of them in particular I have loved since I was a little girl and still love very much to this very day and I know I always will. I am an aries and i am looking for an aries man or aquarius man ….

I am divorced already with a leo man it was terrible experiance… Trust me And write me your contact if someone is aries or aquarius. I am a Libra woman, rising and moon are both Pisces, whatever that means. The love of my life was an Aries man, for 6 years we were together. I left. Male or female, of any age, Aries has to be in charge, dominant domineering, even and quite clearly running the show.

Enter, stage left, quiet, unassuming Capricorn.

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Despite the noise and the show and the natural assertiveness of Aries, Capricorn compatibility is all about maturity.