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These foreign sounding Lagnas will be discussed at another time. For the purpose of this demonstration the planets and special Lagnas will only be identified as an aid to clarity.

A summary of the South Indian chart format differences show :. In the South Indian chart the signs remain constant , therefore only planets and other special considerations are not included in each box. The South Indian chart shows the ascendant by a diagonal line or an abbreviation. Look now to the example chart on the right, this format is called the North Indian chart. Here the first house is always the top diamond and subsequent houses are read in a counter-clockwise motion. The numbers shown in this format tell us which sign is in each house.

For example, you can see MARS situated in the top triangle along with the number The number ten represents the sign Capricorn. Therefore Capricorn is the ascendant in the example. The first list will show the western names of the signs whereas the second list will show the transliteration of the Sanskrit names. Although it is not necessary to learn the Sanskrit names for the signs or the planets the lack of this knowledge will seriously hamper further reading. Now going around the North Indian chart in the same way that was done in the South Indian chart the planets fall in the following pattern:.

MARS falls in the top diamond and holds the number 10 signifying the sign Capricorn. Nest moving in a counter clockwise motion the number 11 is seen in the triangle representing the sign Aquarius. Next comes a triangle with the number 12, representing Pisces. The number in this diamond is 1 representing the sign Aries. Next comes HL in a triangle with the number 2 representing Taurus. KETU falls in the next triangle representing Gemini.

At the time of your birth, planets and their positions in the sky are noted in your Kundali. In every region, the procedure to prepare a Kundali is different. However, there are only nine planets and twelve astrological signs. Every principles of astrology considers this basic fact.

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In India, different types of Kundalis are prepared. These Kundalis differ in their basic characteristics and method of preparation. In India, these three different types of Kundalis are prepared and used. In North Indian System of preparing a Kundali, houses are considered to be fixed.

However, astrological signs change on the basis of rising Ascendant. When the Ascendant rises, it is believed to be present in the first house. All the other astrological signs are considered to be present in the following houses according to their order in the zodiac.

North Indian Chart VS South Indian Chart

Astrological signs are written from the left hand side. For instance, if Cancer sign is present in the first house, then Leo will be in the second house from the left hand side. Therefore, Virgo will be in the third house and so on. In the South Indian system of preparing a Kundali, astrological signs are considered to be fixed. However, houses keep on changing.

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In a Kundali, Ascendant house can be present anywhere. This does not happen in the North Indian system of preparing a Kundali.

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The method of preparation in these two systems is also different. The house in which Ascendant sign is present is divided into parts with two diagonal lines.

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Ascendant is considered to be the first house. Rest of the houses are present on the right hand side. In this system, astrological signs are fixed.

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Therefore, the number of signs is not mentioned in the Kundali. However, an East Indian Kundali looks completely different from a Kundali prepared by either of the other two systems. Just like the South Indian system of preparing a Kundali, astrological signs are fixed in the East Indian system. However, they are written in order from the left hand side. This resembles the method of preparation used by the North Indian system.

Houses change according to the Ascendant.