Cancer man horoscope weakness

When it comes to love and relationships, those born under the Cancer zodiac sign love and love hard.

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They do not fall quickly into a relationship, as they need to be sure of themselves before exposing their feelings. Walking sideways like the crab, they often shy away from direct gestures of interest, rather relying on others to take the cue. Once they do fall in love though, they fall deeply and will take relationships very seriously.

When it comes to lovers, they are searching for a lover that they can build a comforting home with. They therefore are very committed lovers, and expect their lovers to be the same. Infidelity is one of the worst nightmares of the Cancer zodiac sign. They need to feel loved and appreciated, and will have depressive moods if they feel neglected by their partner.

Problems within a relationship may lead to some compulsive lying in order to protect themselves. When dating someone under the sign of Cancer, it is important to remember their insecurities, and to forgive small transgressions as they are often rooted in feeling unloved.

Reminding them of how much you value them and how needed they are is key to the relationship. Friends and family can be a fickle issue with those in the Cancer zodiac sign, simply because they care so much. On the one hand they are loyal and ready to help whenever they are needed, but on the other, they do not like to be overlooked by parents, siblings, or friends. They can feel very wounded by friends moving on naturally or by siblings not wanting to spend time with them.

But most of their relationships will work out just fine. In order to keep their relationships going, they need to be tended to quite regularly, and Cancer signed people do not deal well with large periods of time left alone or ignored. In their careers those born under the zodiac sign Cancer can have trouble finding the right work environment. They may even move from job to job because of their tendency to change their minds and their desire for creativity.

They are very hard workers however, and when they are in a job, they tend to be one of the hardest and most reliable workers there. They don't work so well in leadership positions, but as part of a team they do become a great asset, so long as there is no micromanagement. Because their strengths lie in caring for others, they may be well suited to work in service oriented or nonprofit careers.

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Cancer Zodiac Strengths and Weakness - Cancer Horoscope

Download Printable Zodiac Cheat Sheets A black and white list of zodiac sign characteristics formatted for printers. Sign up to our mailing list download. View Deck. Learn How to Read Tarot Our tarot school of monsters and mischief awaits! Dive into the world of self knowledge and magic. Kamilah Oct 05, I find everything to be true because I always find it difficult to let go of the past.

The Zodiac Sign Cancer Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses

When am hurt it would takes sometimes to be myself again. And the soft spot again is another killing aspect because people always take me for granted just because I want to be around them….. Lilmichiganbby Sep 13, This is so true, the not wanting to be alone and always depending on others. The mood swings and the family is also so true sense I grew up in a terrible home situation. My boyfriend is three only one I will ever truly have. The same due work too I never feel completely whole wherever I go so I go job to job because I want something challenging yet creative.

Allie Jul 23, This makes so much sense. I always fit the description of my zodiac sign except for being emotional. When I was young, my emotions ran my world and I was hurt pretty bad on more than one occasion. Mary Riley Jul 23, Reason 1: Cancer is incredibly intuitive and astonishingly good at reading people. Cancers have a one-of-a-kind sense of intuition that allows them to observe and pick up on things that fly right over the heads of others.

A Cancer can distinguish between the good and the bad…in most cases. The Cancers are lead by their instincts and they take the right decisions at an opportune time. They are so intuitive that they can easily read the mind of other people. They tend to have foresight and insight into things that many people miss.

Cancers can read most people like an open book, they are the people you can never ever read completely. Since they are honest with you they expect the same courtesy in return, if you're fake with them they'll have no time for you. They can smell a fake from a mile away. They can get inside your heart and mind in no time but not misuse your weaknesses. Reason 2: Honesty is a unique speciality found in Cancers alone. A Cancer will always give you a complete and honest assessment, you can take it or leave it.

Outspoken as they are, trust them to tell you the truth on your face. It might hurt, but remember a Cancer will never backstab you. To some they can sometimes come off as a bit blunt but those closest to Cancer respect and appreciate their honesty and straight forward approach. Heart to heart conversations are best to them. Be honest with them or leave them alone! Honesty is ingrained in a Cancer. Reason 3: Cancer is an intense and passionate lover. They crave deeper and more meaningful relationships.

As the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, a Cancer does everything with love in mind and in heart. Because of this, they are the most tender lovers. Being loved by a Cancer is unlike quite anything else and it has the power to make a person feel alive. Having a lover like a Cancer is important, as the crab will care for you in ways many others do not know how. Cancers often find themselves less interested in fleeting romances but instead craving the intimacy and closeness that only comes form a longer term commitment.

Cancers are such big freaks in bed.

Weak points of Cancer in heart affairs

Cancers love affection, are very caring and are often submissive. While Cancers are typically not known for being wild, heat of the moment types of lovers, they are known for having open minds and are usually willing to try new things. If they let you in, Cancers will never let you go. Cancers tend to be guarded in their relationships.

The Cancer Man Ultimate Guide

But if a Cancer lets you in, you will never find a truer friend. Loyal, dependable, caring, responsive and often unwaveringly optimistic, Cancers will pour their entire selves into a relationship and be there for life. They often have a hard time moving on from a relationship once it is over and can take a long time before they are able to fully get back on their feet.

Cancer Astrology June 21 - July 22

Reason 4. Cancer can be extraordinarily generous at times. They have a compassionate and empathetic heart. If you need to go to a person with a private matter, are in need of advice, or just want someone to listen in quiet support, consult a Cancer.

Cancer - Strength And Weakness - Zodiac Sign - Astrology

Their empathy makes them great unbiased listeners. The traits and characteristics of compassion and empathy run deep within the Cancer and they can be some of the most thoughtful and caring people that you will ever meet.